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The Price of Quality

At Kingston Cats all our kittens stay close to their mum until they are at least 8 weeks old, at which time they have had 3 weeks to adjust to good quality food. Over the next 6 weeks they learn how to develop their skills and how to interact with their surroundings, including use of the litter tray. During this time the kittens are checked over by a vet on two separate occasions, when they receive their vaccinations, full health checks and are micro chipped (this has an average cost of around £95 per kitten, which is INCLUDED in the price you pay).

Most importantly they are loved and live within our family so that they are not frighten by normal household noises i.e. the vacuum cleaner or children.

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Please Buy your Ragdoll from a Reputable Breeder.

You often see adverts in papers, magazines or on various websites saying: “Pedigree Ragdolls 8 weeks old available now”, only £450/£550. Sounds too good to be true? Well it usually is!! I will try and explain the difference between these kittens and kittens from reputable breeders like myself, which most people perceive to cost them more money.

These kittens are more often than not, sold under various headings: “without papers”, “both parents are registered but kittens are only sold as pets, so not selling with papers…”. These headings are there to mislead  and baffle you, the buyer, into believing that you are buying a full pedigree cat, which in reality is not registered nor can it be registered with any of the following organizations: GCCF, TICA, FIFA and ACFA. Therefore, you will have no more than the seller’s word that these kittens are full pedigree Ragdolls.

What you are buying is a cat that looks like a Ragdoll cat, so I suppose you could say you are buying a copy/fake/counterfeit! Would you buy a “genuine 1 caret diamond ring” off a ‘Del Boy’ character on a street corner, without any paperwork guaranteeing the diamonds value? … Would you really hand over your hard-earned cash and buy a ring from that person? So why hand it over for a lovely looking kitten without any papers?

Usually the seller of these “excellent value” kittens had previously purchased the kitten’s parent(s) as pet quality Ragdolls and then went on to use them for making a bit of extra cash, without any consideration for the well-being of the breed. These cats were probably originally sold as pets because they didn’t conform to the breed standard for breeding purposes. 

These breeders do not have the best interest of the cats nor the kitten they are offering to sell you at heart, much less the interest of the Ragdoll breed.

‘Back yard breeder’:

Will sell you a kitten at £700- £800

The kitten won’t be registered therefore is not recognised as a pedigree cat – your local trading standards Officer/GCCF will confirm this.

Should not be advertised as a pedigree cat.

You will then have vet bills for its vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, micro chipping, this will usually cost around £100.00 (this is a low estimate).

This brings the total to £800…

would I part with this amount of cash for a kitten that can’t prove its heritage? NO!

If you are in any doubt about whether the kittens come from a cat that is allowed to be bred from:

Contact the GCCF on 01278 427 575

Ask if the mother is on the ACTIVE REGISTER!

A Reputable Breeder:

Will sell you a kitten at £850.

The kitten will be registered, so it is a pedigree cat under the trade description act.

It will have had all its vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and full vet checks before leaving to its new home.

Would I part with my well-earned cash for this kitten? YES, WITHOUT DOUBT!

No reputable breeder will ask for a deposit without you first visiting to view the kitten and meet the breeder before 9 weeks of age.

They sell the kittens unvaccinated using the excuse that it keeps the price down. What they mean is they cannot be bothered to spend their own money ensuring the kitten has the best start in life! Registration for pedigree cats is not expensive either, around £10 per kitten and an additional fee for the registering the whole litter which is currently £5. Nor are these kitten’s parents tested for any of the known defects, could this be due to having something to hide??

Kittens purchased from ‘back yard’ or unscrupulous breeders do not usually receive any interaction or regular cuddles, they are not socially aware of the surrounding environment. Plus, they do not usually receive any veterinary care or any vaccinations, all of which would require effort and cost on their part.

These unregistered kittens do not come with any extras like free insurance, food, toys, or MOST IMPORTANTLY, A FULL PEDIGREE which is registered with one of the cat fancies etc. which proves your kitten’s heritage. Some ‘so called’ “breeders” are no different to “puppy farmers”, ALWAYS CHECK OUT WHO YOU BUY FROM, WHAT THE CONDITIONS ARE LIKE! Remember if you don’t like what you see WALK AWAY!! Ask questions – How old is the oldest cat? How many years have you had cats etc?

Also remember that there are some “Breeders” who will charge you a price much higher than average – don’t be fooled into thinking that a higher price means higher quality.

All reputable breeders abide by the recommendations of the TBRCC. If you are in doubt about ANY breeder, contact them! They will give you guidance, or ask the breeder you wish to buy from, if it is possible to contact some of the other owners of their cats for their feedback.

When you compare the cost of an unregistered kitten against the price we or any other reputable breeder charges you will see that you get more for less in most cases.

Our Kittens are priced in line with TBRCC recommendation.

Are you surprised at the actual difference in money terms?

Just consider the value and confidence you will have when buying from a reputable breeder. It might cost you a hundred pounds extra in the first instance, but believe me, it is money well spent!

NOTE: This page is intended to help you the potential owner not to be robbed of your hard-earned cash. Currently in the Hull area there are “Breeders” who are advertising Ragdoll kittens for sale; without their pedigrees, they are 8 weeks of age, with no vaccinations, you can’t even be sure that they are pure pedigree cats.

If you are viewing kittens which are advertised as having Champion parents – ask to see the Challenge Certificates – make sure you check the names and dates on the certificates.

If kittens are being advertised as from HCM free parents, ask to see the proof, a good breeder won’t be offended!!

Recently there are more and more advertisement for “RARE LILAC” Ragdoll kittens and even “RARE SOLID RAGDOLLS” are being advertised. Please ensure to check with any of the breed clubs on these cat’s pedigrees, some of them are due to out crossing to other breeds. Alternatively ask the breeder for the DNA certificate of the cats colouring, but still check with any of the breed clubs.


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