The internet is a wonderful clever place, it helps to put those seeking a Ragdoll kitten in touch with breeders, however, after initial contact by email or text we would prefer a telephone conversation at which time, we can hopefully give you an update of our breeding plans and/or kitten availability. Of course, we will endeavour to help you with any questions you may have. We hope that you will consider this a reasonable request as we do put the wellbeing of our cats and kittens first above all.


ragdoll kitten
ragdoll kitten


After all, it is a major decision that you, the potential new owner/slave are committing to. Just like any sensible potential owner would want to make sure of the breeder’s credentials, we as responsible breeders care about the life long welfare of our kittens and cats.

As breeders we seek to bring into the world, Ragdoll kittens which are typical of the breed; with outgoing personalities, charm and character, who should have a long happy healthy life, and of course make their owners proud.

Happy Forever Homes

“Kingston Cats are great, every litter they produce is to die for and you end up wanting every kitten you see! David and Kayleigh are very knowledgeable and happy to help any way they can”

G Hyde

“You can tell [Nala & Oscar] have both been brought up well as kittens with how they are now. Kingston Cats did an amazing job bringing them up ready to leave for their forever home and I felt very confident in bringing one of them into our home. I was always kept in contact with information through out the beginning of the kittens life and any questions that needed answering was always answered. Thank you Kingston Cats for two amazing Ragdoll cats who are now in there forever home.”

V Sanders

“Would highly recommend contacting Kingston Cats if you are interested in buying a Ragdoll. Kayleigh and Dave are amazing breeders. We have recently acquired two of their beautiful kittens. The kittens are very healthy, confident and been well socialized. Kayleigh and Dave are always there to answer any questions or concerns you have before and after getting your kittens. The passion they have for the traditional Ragdoll cats is very clear to see.”

A Thacker

Showing is our hobby…

But breeding healthy Ragdoll kittens does come first. All our kittens have parents worthy of the Breed Standard, some of whom are already Champions or on their way to obtaining the title of Champion. They are reared with knowledge, experience, dedication and most importantly; love, patience and kindness within our own home.

We rely on letting our kitten’s looks, quality, character and outgoing temperament speak for themselves. We also care for the long-term welfare of all our kittens, therefore we ask all new owners to sign a contract which ensures the kitten/cat’s welfare comes first and foremost. We include a clause for the safety of the kitten – that if for any reason in the future the new owner is unable to care for it, that the kitten/cat can be returned to us without any questions. We do this to ensure we act as responsible breeders.
We take our responsibility as good breeders seriously therefore we have tested all our cats for the known HCM gene.
We are on hand to give lifelong support and advice. You don’t have to buy from us for free advice!

Could you give a kitten a great home?

If you'd like to enquire or simply need advice, please get in touch via any of the available options

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