Guide to Showing Your Ragdoll Cats

First: Any would be exhibitor must have a Cat!

Second: You must have the permission of the breeder for the kitten/cat to be shown!

Third: Your Kitten/cat must be fully up to date with its vaccinations, free from any parasites and in good health!

Fourth: You must have a vehicle or friends with a vehicle to help get you to the shows!!

Finally: An understandable husband/wife or partner, who helps with the costs of showing out of their own pockets!

ragdoll cat laid

How do I find out about Shows in My Area?

You can check on the GCCF website for announcements of upcoming shows. Usually there is a link to the Cat Club website, so you can download the Schedule and Entry form for the show you wish to enter.

You must enter your kitten/cat in its relevant open class and up to 3 miscellaneous classes for an average entry fee of £25-30. You can enter extra classes if you so wish at an extra cost. The classes are basically broken down into 3 categories; Kitten, Entire Adult and Neuter Adult.
If you are not sure which class to enter you can always contact your breeder or the Cat Club Secretary or even us!

Ensure you read the rules in the schedule carefully and on the entry form, ensuring you enter your cat’s details correctly, using the transfer slip from the GCCF. If you have not received confirmation of the kitten/cat’s name, transfer of ownership or registration you will need to add the following; NAF, (Name Applied For), TAF (Transfer Applied For) RAF (Registration applied for). Sign and date the entry form, make sure you re-check it for any mistakes, then post it off to the Show Manager before the closing date of the show.

The night before the show, Panic Sets in, do I need to do anything?


1. Groom your cat

Groom your cat according to your breed’s needs, do not remove the tuffs of hair between your Ragdoll’s toes!! Nor should you remove the strands/wisps of hair from the ears!!


2. Pack up the essentials

Pack up the essentials you will need for the show; grooming aids, a white litter tray, white blanket, white drinking dish, white food dish. Don’t forget the litter either, or some fresh water for the cat/kitten to drink!!


3. Check over your paperwork

You will need to take with you, your cat’s vaccination certificate. Without this, you will have real problems vetting in (getting into the show with your cat) if it’s possible at all. If you do forget your certificate it’s not possible to return home for it, contact the Show Manager en-route for advice, or as soon as you get to the show venue – it maybe possible for you to still be admitted to the show if confirmation can be gained/obtained from your vet that your cat’s vaccinations are up-to-date.


4. Check the time

Check the time of vetting-in and plan your journey to the show hall so that you arrive in plenty of time to vet-in your cat and allow it some time to become accustomed to its surroundings and the noises.


5. give it a wipe

Once you have been vetted into the show you will be allocated a show bench (cage). Prior to placing your kitten/cat into the show cage, give it a wipe out with an antiseptic wet wipe to remove any bacteria/germs etc. Place all the items into the cage before you put the cat/kitten into the cage (they can escape). Place your cat/kitten into the show bench, secure door.

We usually leave our cats/kittens to settle down before we give them a final groom prior to Judging commencing.

At 10am all exhibitors and visitors leave the hall, so that judging can commence. This is usually the time when the exhibitors will queue for the show’s catalogue or make their way out to have some refreshments.

The hall is then closed off until a specified time; you would need to check the entry schedule for this information.

When you return to the hall, it is common practice to go to the score boards to check on how your cat/kitten has done in their relevant classes and mark your catalogue up with the awards. In some class’s rosettes are awarded for placings, rarely is there any cash prizes!

Whatever placing our cats achieve we always give the cat a cuddle to say well done, we also like to congratulate any of the class winners (there is nothing worse than being a bad loser!!). Every cat has its day!

The show will close at around 4.30 (or at the Show Managers discretion), you are not allowed to leave the show prior to this, unless you gain special permission. Failure to abide by this ruling could end up with your cat being disqualified!

Whether you win or lose, always remember… You always take the best cat home with you!!

Leo after winning his third Challenge certificate, they are the Gold Cards you can see in the photo.

Could you give a kitten a great home?

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