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Charting the Growth of a Ragdoll Kitten

You pick a kitten, after lots of waiting and excitement you turn up to collect the little bundle of fur only to think, they’ve given me the wrong one!

They change so quickly as you will see below!!

Mum decided to give birth on the kitchen floor rather than in her bed!

Kittens just 1 week old, you can see that they start life pure white

After a few days they start to gain some colour/markings – look at their ears and nose.


The following photos have not been edited so you can see how kittens are changing every day.

Kitten at 5 weeks, fully aware of her surroundings and looking for trouble. At this point you can see her colour and patterns starting to show.


Hopefully by now you will have an idea of the kitten’s development in their early stages and this continues to change all the way through to 3 years of age.

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