We always try to find each kitten the right home

Getting a kitten

It is always an exciting time around our home when kittens arrive. Kittens are born in a separate room set for this purpose. They then move on to the kitten room (Our Living Room and Kitchen) where they start eating dried & wet foods. Also, this is where their mum teaches them to use the litter tray.

Our kittens are given all the love they deserve and are part of our family each one getting our time and attention. Next comes the trip to the vets and their first vaccinations at 9 weeks old. This is when we welcome visitors by appointment under one condition, that you do not visit another other cattery on the same day. This is for the protection of our cats and your kitten.

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Please Buy your Ragdoll from a Reputable Breeder.

When you decide to get a kitten from us; your kitten will be GCCF registered, had his/her vaccinations, been fully vet checked, wormed, had flea treatment (not that any of our cats have ever had flea’s!!) and microchipped in conjunction with current UK law at NO EXTRA COST!

They are also spoilt, fully groomed and pampered prior to leaving us going to their new home. Your kitten will be ready to leave us at the age of 13 weeks by which time essential guidance and skills development from mum and siblings has been learnt.

Vaccinations can’t be given until kittens are 9 weeks old and the 2nd injection must be 3 weeks after the 1st, after which time we like to monitor the kittens for any adverse reaction to the vaccine etc. Sometimes their bodies react to the vaccination and a small lump (the size of a garden pea) can be felt under the skin near to the vaccination site. This is nothing to worry about, the lump will disappear as quickly as it appeared! Nor is any vet treatment required! Therefore, to save the new owner being worried we like to monitor the kittens for an additional week making them 13 weeks old when they are ready to leave us.

We spend a great deal of time with our kittens, giving them all the love and attention they so richly deserve… and then even more cuddles and kisses! Therefore, you may see the odd tear in our eye as your fur baby leaves us as we genuinely do love each one from day 1. They are all raised with us as part of the family, their health is never compromised.


When ready to leave us, your Ragdoll kitten will have been fully socialised and well used to all noises and daily goings on within a busy household, making a well-rounded, happy, healthy kitten ready for his/her new home.

Raising each litter is an absolute joy to us, each kitten with their own personality and nature. All are very loveable and each one has brought us many hours of pleasure with their cuddles and mischievous antics. Therefore, finding our kittens a secure lifelong home, where they will be loved and cared for like a cherished family member, is a priority to us.

We always try to find each kitten the right home where it is recognised that the acquisition of a Ragdoll as a pet/new family member, although extremely rewarding, is also a long-term commitment of time, love and money.

What you will get:

When your kitten is ready to leave us, you will receive their vaccination certificate, microchip certificate, a copy of their pedigree, samples of the food they have been eating, a Ragdoll care booklet (that we have put together to help the transition in to your home), their favourite toys that they have become attached to, and a list of recommendations for an assortment of essential accessories that you will require and free pet Insurance for the first 5 weeks the kitten is in its new home.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for your kitten climbing up your legs/curtains/jumping on the sofa and generally causing havoc in the first few weeks in their new forever homes!

Upon collection of your beloved Ragdoll kitten, you will need to bring a sturdy carrier to take your kitten home. We suggest you buy a carrier that will hold up to 9kg/20 lbs as a Ragdoll will soon grow to a fill an average cat carrier. A good carrier will be between £20.00 – £30.00 and can be found at all good pet stores.

We will give you a comfort blanket, which has the smells of your kitten’s siblings on it, to ensure it doesn’t become distressed whilst travelling to your home.

Unfortunately, due to time wasters we do ask for deposit of £100 per kitten, which is non-returnable if you change your mind. (The money would then be donated to the rehoming programme).

We are happy to supply photos of your chosen kitten once you have been to visit, but we are not able to send photos to people making general enquiries, we don’t wish to offend, some of the photos emailed in the past have somehow found their way on to other sites. Therefore, we no longer do this.

If you feel you can give a kitten a wonderful home, please email or call us for availability on 07899814695, please ensure that you call at a reasonable time of day.


Could you give a kitten a great home?

If you'd like to enquire or simply need advice, please get in touch via any of the available options

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